Change the Rules Rally Brisbane

Published: 8 Nov 2018

MORE than 150,000 of us marched in Melbourtne.  Tens of thousands more took to the streets in Sydney and at rallies across the country.

On Tuesday, November 20, it is Brisbane's turn to make our massed voices heard; to stand together to Change the Rules.

These are the rules born of the twisted ideology that is trickle down economics.  These are the rules that protect big business while leaving workers exposed to exploitation and abuse.

They are the rules that have led to the lowest level of wages growth since statistics have been collected, while billions of dollars worth of tax cuts are legislated for the big end of town.

They are the rules that have given us casualisation, insecure wortk and rising inequality - at the same time as stripping away the rights of workers to organise and unions to represent.

They are the rules that criminalise those workers who dare to stand up, speak up and fight back.

These are the rules that are broken.

It is time, time to change the rules.